November 12th 2018 – Approved


Cllr S. Leach (Chair) called to order the regular meeting of the Melton Ross Parish Council at 7pm on November 12th 2018 at The Church Of the Ascension, Melton Ross.

Parish Clerk Mrs. K Leach conducted a roll call. The following persons were in attendance: Cllr S. Leach (Chair); Cllr R. Welch (Vice Chair); Cllr A McAndrew Cllr C. McAndrew.

There were no members of the public present.


The Parish Clerk read out apologies from the following: Cllr H Maw; Cllr M Sacker; Ward Cllr N. Sherwood: Ward Cllr C Sherwood: Ward Cllr R Waltham.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as a true record of the meeting held.
Proposed: Cllr C McAndrew
Seconded: Cllr S Leach
Carried unanimously.
Signed: Chair Cllr Leach

Matters Arising

The footpath on the A18 alongside the cycle sign has now been completely cleared so the refurbishment of the Coronation Bench and notice board can now go ahead.
The Clerk reported that the sale of the crockery was proving to be difficult but that she had been able to sell four of the tables from the village hall.

Village Hall: The Clerk reported that the demolition of the Village Hall was due to start the next day (Wed 13th Nov) and that the site would be cleared by the end of the week.   She said that in addition she had spoken to Network Rail Asset Services and they were not opposed to providing funding to complete the fencing around the site.  With the demolition complete the Clerk said she was now free to start applying for the funding to build the new playground in the new year.

Finances- including setting of Precept for 2019/2020; The Clerk produced figures for the last year. In order to comply with the need to build the required reserve fund she suggested that the precept remain at last year’s figure.  She then read out an email from NLC explaining that if there was any possibility that the 2019 Election would be a contested election then the Parish Council would have to find 50% of the costs which would amount to around £1500 and should adjust the precept figure to cover these costs.   Cllr Welch asked if the PC had ever had a contested election and the Clerk replied that the election before she had taken up her post had been contested. Cllr A McAndrew proposed that in in light of this information the figure of £1500 be added to the precept and held in the reserve fund. This was seconded by Cllr Leach and passed unanimously

Report from Cllr Welch – Meeting with Police Commissioner.
The PCC introduced himself and gauged the political affiliations of those present which was very interesting. He then outlined his aims for the future of policing in the Humberside area

  1. More emphasis on community policing
  2. Being an advocate for the people of the Humber region
  3. Getting phones answered promptly
  4. Supporting all victims of crime
  5. Rebuilding Police moral and good service

He said that his intention was to increase the number of officers from 1400 to 1900 by Oct 2018. With help from Claire Welford, North Lincs Engagement Officer he explained how they hoped to get issues and information filtered to grass roots groups such as Parish Councils.  They talked about bid funding from The Community Safety Partnership for projects such as playground equipment, CCTV etc. (more information on this can be found at Safer

They then spoke about the Speedwatch pilot which was followed by a lively discussion.  Tracy Coyne, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator talked about the NHW and the positive impact it has on a community when members are pro-active and also how to set up a group.

Chief Superintendent Darren Downs outlined plans and strategies for tackling anti-social behaviour which again sparked a lively discussion.



Date of Next Meeting



Cllr S. Leach (Chair) adjourned the meeting at 8.06pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Mrs K. Leach