May 20th 2019 – Approved


Cllr R Welch (Chair) called to order the regular meeting of the Melton Ross Parish Council at 19.22 on May 20, 2019 at The Church of the Ascension, Melton Ross

Parish Clerk Mrs K Leach conducted a roll call. The following persons were in attendance:

Cllr R Welch (Chair); Cllr M Sacker (Vice Chair); Cllr H. Maw; Cllr J Wood

Ward Councillors: Cllr C. Sherwood

Mr Simon Leach, Miss Angela Talbot.


The Parish Clerk read out apologies from the following: Ward Cllr N. Sherwood; Ward Cllr R Waltham

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as a true record of the meeting held  February 19th, 2019

Proposed: Cllr H Maw
Seconded: Cllr R Welch
Carried unanimously.
Signed: Chair Cllr Welch

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

Co-Opting New Cllrs

The Clerk said that as only four Cllrs had been elected in the recent election, that it was important that two more be found to fill the empty seats. With only four Cllrs the possibility of not being able to form a quorum for meetings is a problem. She explained the procedure for co-option and the PC agreed that it should be put in place as a matter of urgency.

To elect two Cllrs to represent this council at ERNLLCA district committee meetings

The Clerk read out the request from ERNLLCA that two Cllrs be elected to represent the PC at the district committee meetings. There was some discussion about what the role would entail after which Cllr R Welch and Cllr J Wood put themselves forward and were duly elected by unanimous vote.

Community Play Ground:  

The Clerk said that with the demolition of the Village Hall, the PC was now free to decide exactly how they wished to proceed with the construction of a community playground on the site. She said she had tried again to arrange a visit to Elsham to see their new playground and asked Cllr Sacker if he could speak to the Clerk and get a visit arranged.   

Ward Cllr Sherwood said that the promised match funding was still available from NLC and so the Clerk said that once the PC had decided what the new playground would be like then funding could be applied for.


The Clerk introduced Miss A Talbot who had expressed an interest in becoming the Clerk.  She explained that, as she had been, Miss Talbot was not a professional Clerk but that she was willing to remain available to the new Clerk for advice and help with problems.  Cllr Welch then conducted a short interview with Miss Talbot and asked the PC if they were willing to employ Miss Talbot as the new Clerk.

Proposed Cllr H Maw
Seconded Cllr J Wood
Passed unanimously.

Cllr Sacker asked Ward Cllr Sherwood if there was any news on the proposed roundabout on the A18 by the railway bridge and Cllr Sherwood said that as the bridge repairs had been guaranteed for 10 years there were no immediate plans to push forward with the roundabout.

Cllr Welch asked if sponsorship of a roundabout meant that the sponsor was responsible for the upkeep of the roundabout as the one a Barnetby Top was particularly scruffy despite being sponsored by a Garden Centre. Cllr Sherwood said he would look into exactly what sponsorship entailed.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday Aug 5th 2019


Cllr R Welch (Chair) adjourned the meeting at 19.50.

Minutes submitted by:  Mrs K. Leach