November 4th 2019 – DRAFT


Cllr R Welch (Chair) called to order the regular meeting of the Melton Ross Parish Council at 19.00 on November 4, 2019 at The Church of the Ascension, Melton Ross

Parish Clerk Miss Angie Talbot conducted a roll call. The following persons were in attendance:

Cllr R Welch (Chair); Cllr H. Maw; Cllr J Wood: Colin Sherwood

Mrs Karen Leach: Mr Simon Leach


The Parish Clerk read out apologies from the following:
M Sacker

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved as a true record of the meeting held    
Proposed: Cllr J Wood
Seconded: Cllr H Maw
Carried unanimously.
Signed: Chair Cllr Welch

Matters Arising

Emergency planning level 1 – Clerk to complete

Co-opting New Councillors
None brought forward tonight but all to encourage to ensure full quorums going forwards. To be added to website so as able to express an interest

Community Play Ground
Contact of respective persons to be arranged by Mark Slacker to local playgrounds at Hibaldstow, Worlaby and Elsham

Website Update
It was agreed that the website was a success and approved by the overall council too. The link being

Notice Board
This is now fully restored and will go up near the bench and signpost on the main road through Melton Ross.

Barnetby Roundabout Signage
The North Lincolnshire council advised that the process and outcome for the road signage is correct and fully regulatory. Cllr Sherwood confirmed this also.


Precept agreed to remain as before

Date of Next Meeting

Monday February 10th 2020


Cllr R Welch (Chair) adjourned the meeting at 19.35

Minutes submitted by:  Miss A Talbot